In alphabetical order

Charlie Crooijmansblogger and editor-in-chief for News & Noise

Petr Dorůžkamusic journalist
co-interviewer of: “Artists are the best way to communicate” – an interview Yvonne Kahan
co-interviewer of: “I can understand the boycott on Israel, but you have to play fair” – an interview with Dubi Lenz

Davide Grosso – musicologist
Silvio Berlusconi’s Songs of Freedom
Persian instruments on TV!

Ninja Korsmusicologist, specializes in music education and works as a writer/editor
This means war!
Santorum girls
Obama can sing – and does

Pieter van Hoogdalem producer, musician, journalist
Being Emo in Baghdad

Aad van Nieuwkerk – radio host and researcher
Improvisation in Pyongyang

Bram Posthumus journalist and Africa correspondent
The meaning of Tinariwen Youssou N’Dour for president?

Magda Pucci musicologist, producer and artistic leader of the Brazilian music group Mawaca
Aldeia Maracanã squatted Belo Monte and Xingu – Brazilian contradictions
co-writer of: Will Tibetan cultural identity will be erased?

Pieter de Rooij – anthropologist
Youssou N’Dour brings what he loves in music, but not yet in politics

Bas Springer – music journalist interviewed Safinez Bousbia
The story of El Gusto

Hatim Suleiman expert in the field of Middle Eastern culture

“Share the vibration” – an interview with Walid Ben Selim

Memories of Syria in the heart of Holland

Reporting Change – Stories from The Arab Region

Egypt’s “Mahragan” Rap about social troubles : interview with Sadat El3almy

co-writer of: “It is the music that bonds us, not the politics” – an interview with Ousmane Ag Mossa of Tamikrest
co-writer of: “We should support each other” – an interview with Lena Chamamyan
The Ottoman Armenian
Three songs from the Syrian revolution
Egypt: singing a revolution


Jaïr Tchongjournalist and Afrolatinjazz fanatic
“We tend to forget that censorship is around us” – an interview with Ole Reitov


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