In alphabetical order

Charlie Crooijmansblogger and editor-in-chief for News & Noise

Petr Dorůžkamusic journalist
co-interviewer of: “Artists are the best way to communicate” – an interview Yvonne Kahan
co-interviewer of: “I can understand the boycott on Israel, but you have to play fair” – an interview with Dubi Lenz

Davide Grosso – musicologist
Silvio Berlusconi’s Songs of Freedom
Persian instruments on TV!

Ninja Korsmusicologist, specializes in music education and works as a writer/editor
This means war!
Santorum girls
Obama can sing – and does

Pieter van Hoogdalem - producer, musician, journalist
Being Emo in Baghdad

Aad van Nieuwkerk - radio host and researcher
Improvisation in Pyongyang

Bram Posthumus - journalist and Africa correspondent
The meaning of Tinariwen Youssou N’Dour for president?

Magda Pucci - musicologist, producer and artistic leader of the Brazilian music group Mawaca
Aldeia Maracanã squatted Belo Monte and Xingu – Brazilian contradictions
co-writer of: Will Tibetan cultural identity will be erased?

Pieter de Rooij – anthropologist
Youssou N’Dour brings what he loves in music, but not yet in politics

Bas Springer – music journalist interviewed Safinez Bousbia
The story of El Gusto

Hatim Suleiman - expert in the field of Middle Eastern culture
Rapping about social troubles – an interview with Sadat El3almy
co-writer of: “It is the music that bonds us, not the politics” – an interview with Ousmane Ag Mossa
co-writer of: “We should support each other” – an interview with Lena Chamamyan
The Ottoman Armenian
Three songs from the Syrian revolution
Egypt: singing a revolution

Jaïr Tchongjournalist and Afrolatinjazz fanatic
“We tend to forget that censorship is around us” – an interview with Ole Reitov

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