News and Noise! is a collection of news items, interviews, columns, analyses and reviews linked to cultural expressions. Through music, art and (music) documentaries we can dig a little deeper to get a different look at the news of the world. We try to cover as many regions as possible. Even, or especially the countries that have been neglected in the daily news because ‘nothing’ happens. Sometimes we have to go back in time and sometimes we will look forward.

News and Noise! is written by a diverse group of authors who, for professional and/or personal reasons, are interested in the role of culture and arts in society and current affairs. The posts on this blog are made by the individual authors, and the opinions – if any – expressed in each text are those of the author.

You are invited to comment on the blog posts. However, we do ask you to remain civilized in your conversation with others. Only then can an open discussion be maintained. If not we will have to erase your comments. Thank you!

The header is a cropped picture of this photo:


photo: Aly Hazzaa

On his flickr photostream Aly Hazzaa posted some beautiful and intens street photography.

(edited September 15, 2016)


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