“It’s fine to break the rules” – an interview with DJ Sama

Last month News and Noise was at Babel Med, the world music and jazz forum that took place on March 16 – 18 in Marseilles, and we spoke to Sama Abdulhadi (previously named Skywalker). Sama is the first techno DJ and producer of the Palestinian underground community. In the video interview below she’ll tell us about Berlin Techno and her ambitions.


by Charlie Crooijmans

On the balcony at Hangar J1 at the harbour of Marseilles, we (a journalist for the German media and I) asked Sama about the Techno Scene in the West Bank. In Ramallah she is the only girl deejaying. Did her father agree with what she is doing? Why Skywalker? She loves Berlin Techno, but what about Arabic music? For a period of time she will be an artist in residence in Paris, which will help her to focus on her music, what is she planning to do in Paris? Back home, in the West Bank, she is working as a sound designer for film. It soon became clear that Sama is an independent and determined person who wants to professionalize the music and sound scene in Palestine. Beside that she is a role model for the emancipation of women in a climate of ambient traditionalism.

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