Greek hip-hop bands pay tribute to Pavlos Fyssas

Pavlos Fyssas by Charlie Crooijmans

It has already been more than a week ago that the Greek rapper and left-activist Pavlos Fyssas, aka Killah P was stabbed to death by a member of the Golden Dawn (GD).  The GD is a right-wing extremist political organization and political party in Greece. The party won seats in the Greek parliament at last year’s election. They deny any involvement in the killing of Pavlos. After this extremely sad incident thousands of people demonstrated against neo-nazisme.   On Tuesday about ten rival hip hop bands in Athens decided to unite against the GD.
Michalis Mytakidis, aka B.D. Foxmoor, of Greek band Active Member, spoke to the journalists at a press conference in Athens.

It is very moving to get together for the first time in Greek hip hop’s 20-year history and pay tribute to Killah P, whose death had an international impact. We should not be afraid of talking about our society’s problems, we should embrace all those who are against us with our music.”  (France 24)

The demonstrations and the riots have become very worrisome as the economical situation in Greece doesn’t seem to get better. This concern is to be heard in lots of cities in Europe, as you can see in the video below.

Here is a video of Dimitris Mentzelos feat. Killah P – Tiny Jackal.


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