Obama can sing – and does.

by Ninja Kors

Another short clip from the presidential campaigns in the USA: current president and re-election hopeful Barack Obama has decided to show his fun and easy-going side. What better way to do that than with a little bit of music?

This of course in the middle of the Republican race for the candidacy (of which we already saw a music-related clip here). The title of the song is significant for Obama’s course these coming months: “Let’s stay together” by Al Green. It seems that in the midst of political strategy, discussions and debts and policies, the campaigning men feel a need to show their appreciation for music. Is this their way of saying “Hey I’m only human too”? We already had former president Clinton playing sax. What’s next? (Anyone know what Newt Gingrich plays?)

By the way, Al Green is a supporter of the Obama campaign. He had sung at the event just before Barack Obama came on stage, and was still in the audience. This contrary to Newt Gingrich who was sued by Survivor for using the song “Eye of the Tiger” during his entrance while campaigning. This wasn’t the first time this happened, and probably not the last.



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